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1. Which line separates Afghanistan from Pakistan?

2. How is the event that led to the invasion of Afghanistan by USA and its allies known?

3. Who was deposed in 1973?

4. Who was installed as President of Afghanistan in 1979 after invasion by USSR?

5. Which of the following countries did not recognize the Taliban regime?

6. When was the first Anglo-Afghan War?

7. Who wrote the story “The Kabuliwalla”?

8. Which is the highest mountain in Afghanistan?

9. By which pass in Afghanistan many invaders came to India?

10. Which river in Afghanistan joins the Indus in Pakistan?

11. Which two great 19th-century powers fought for control of Afghanistan in what is often called the "Great Game"?

12. What is former British foreign secretary for India Sir Mortimer Durand famous for?

13. Which ethnic group does not have a significant presence in Afghanistan?

14. Why, in 1978, did the Soviets hesitate in offering Afghanistan's new communist government its total and unqualified support?

15. Which two groups were responsible for massacres in the Afghan city of Herat in 1979?

16. Mujahideen is an Arabic term meaning what?

17. Which of the following countries did not provide support to Afghans fighting the Soviet occupation?

18. After the Soviet withdrawal, who said that "the civilized world" had to fight fundamentalism in Afghanistan and warned that failure to do so would "turn Afghanistan into a center of . . . drugs [and] terrorism."

19. Which of the following did the Taliban not ban while in power in Afghanistan?

20. Who in 1998 called the killing of Americans and their allies "an individual duty for every Muslim"?

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