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1. The defeat of what colonial power in World War II effectively led to the North-South split of Korea?

2. At what line of latitude was Korea divided into North and South?

3. What communist dictator ruled North Korea in 1950?

4. What American President ordered troops along with United Nations support into Korea?

5. What year was the cease-fire ending fighting in Korea signed?

6. Which general planned and encouraged the invasion at Inchon?

7. The invasion of Inchon occurred in 1950. But do you know what the date was?

8. Before the invasion, an American military officer was sent to gather information about Inchon. Who was he?

9. Which city had UN forces been pushed back to so that an invasion at Inchon was necessary to save many lives?

10. What island did Marines make the first landing of Inchon on?

11. What was special about the harbor of Inchon that made the invasion very difficult?

12. What was done to the LCTs (Landing Craft Tanks) that carried troops and supplies in order to allow them to unload efficiently at Inchon?

13. How many Marines were lost in taking the first island of the invasion at Inchon?

14. What city did the invasion force look to take next, after Inchon?

15. In what year was the Korean cease-fire signed?

16. After their invasion, North Korean forces quickly captured the capital of Seoul on the _____ day of fighting.

17. United Nations forces were pushed to the southern edge of the Korean peninsula. They formed a defensive position known as the __________perimeter?

18. Initially the Soviet Mig 15 was superior to U. S. fighters. The F-86 arrived and gained air superiority. The F-86 was nicknamed the _________.

19. Operation Chromite, an amphibious assault at _______ helped to trigger UN counter-offensive operations.

20. Gen. MacArthur was in command of UN forces until relieved by President Truman. Who was his replacement?

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