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1. While in the trenches, what did the word 'rest' really mean?

2. When was generally the best time to extend a trench sap?

3. What was the best way to obtain intelligence about the enemy's trench line?

4. What did soldiers mainly rely on to impede an assault on the trench line?

5. During WWI, why did most frontal assaults fail even after securing the first line of trenches?

6. During WWI, what was 'shell shock' initially diagnosed as?

7. During WWI, when did British troops 'stand to' while in the trenches?

8. During WWI, what was the best kept secret in the French Army after the Nivelle Offensive?

9. During WWI, what vermin did both sides complain bitterly about?

10. What was the major reason trench periscopes were used?

11. What was the German plan involved invading Belgium in order to defeat France before fighting Russia?

12. Which of the following was NOT an Allied power?

13. Why did the United States enter the war in 1917?

14. What brought World War I to an end?

15. What was the name of the battle that threw the advancing German armies back from Paris?

16. What triggered World War I?

17. Which country helped Serbia in the Balkan Wars?

18. What was the battle in which the Germans surrounded Russian troops?

19. On 30 September 1918 Ludendorff told the German General Staff that Germany had no realistic hope of winning the war and would have to seek an armistice. Who, according to Ludendorff, was to sign it?

20. What name is generally given to the claim by German nationalists (including the Nazis) that Germany had not been militarily defeated in World War I but had been betrayed on the home front by subsersives, especially Socialists, Communists, liberals and labour leaders?

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